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FB204 AC-63/0.1

FB200 AC  function: protection against the effects of
sinusoidal alternating earth fault currents; protection against indirect
contacts and additional protection against direct contacts
(with IΔn=30 mA).
Application: residential, commercial, industrial.
Standard: IEC/EN 61008-1; IEC/EN 61008-2-1
Marking: according to EN 61008-1; EN 61008-2-1

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Category: RCCB, Switch gear
Standards:IEC 61008; IS12640-1:2008
Type of Residual Current:AC type
Rated Residual Current100 mA
Rated Current (In)63 A
Number of Poles4
Rated Frequency (f)50 Hz
Ambient Air TemperatureOperation -5 ... +40 °C
Storage -40 ... +70 °C
Dielectric Test Voltage2.5 kV
Mechanical Endurance (Nendu)10 kA
Electrical Endurance:10000DC cycle
Environmental Conditions28 cycle
55°C @ 90-96%
25°C @ 95-100%
Object Classification CodeQ
Rated Conditional Short-Circuit Current (Inc)10 kA
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui)500 V
Rated Operational Voltage240 V AC
Tightening Torque2.8 N·m
Ambient Air TemperatureOperation -5 ... +40 °C
Storage -40 ... +70 °C
Product Net Width35 mm
Product Net Height85 mm
Product Net Depth / Length69 mm
Product Net Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions35 x 69 x 85 mm

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